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The NorCal/Nevada Chapter has embarked upon a scholarship program to make Housing Authorities and Redevelopment Agencies more visible as prospective employers and in order to recruit some of the newest and brightest employees. NorCal/Nevada NAHRO is proud to offer three scholarships to attend its January 23rd and 24th, 2017 conference in Napa, CA.

We encourage college students (trade school students, too!) who are interested in housing and redevelopment related careers to apply.

This scholarship will provide: The cost of conference registration, accommodation and meals.

The attached application packet must include:

1. A completed scholarship application.

2. A one to two page essay explaining why the student would like to receive the scholarship and what the student hopes to gain from the conference. Please ensure that the student’s name is on the bottom right hand corner of each page.

3. A list of two references. These references must be persons who know the student on a scholarly or professional level. Examples of acceptable references are a professor, former or current employer, someone who has worked with the student where the student volunteers, etc. Be sure to include name, profession, current phone number, period of time, and how they know the student.

4. A cover sheet from the sponsoring agency (click here for sponsoring agency cover sheet).

Please submit:

The application packet to Joni Ruelaz at by 5pm on January 5, 2017. You can fax her at (831) 424-9153 or call her with questions at (831) 775-5040. Decisions will be made on January 9th and you will be notified then so you can notify your successful applicants.

A sample flyer is included that you may use or change to publicize this scholarship. Please add your info to the highlighted sections so that you receive the applications. Then you can attach your letter of recommendation and submit to Joni.

If you would like to participate as a Board Member or nominate someone, please contact Joni Ruelaz - 831-775-5040.

Beth Campbell
Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa